6 Products to make and sell online

I had previously written a post about simple ways to make money. A few of the ideas that I shared on that post were about selling things you already had, but what if, instead, you try to make a few things yourself and sell them?

I’m going to give you ideas of things you can do in your free time and make extra money. Remember, this could start off as a hobby or a side hustle and become an actual business!


If you’re good at taking photos, you should try to sell them online.

2. Printables

I love this one. You can use Canva to make them and sell them on your blog or Etsy.

3. Ebooks

If you love writing and you’re good at them, then you should consider making an ebook and sell it online. You can promote it on a blog and on Pinterest.

4. T-shirts

You can design and sell T-shirts online and promote them on social media.

5. Coffee Mugs

This is something I love buying! You can design them and sell them on Etsy, I see plenty of these on Pinterest.

6. Candles

Make unique candles. They’re super simple to make, and they’re adorable.

There are many more things you can add to the list, but I wanted to give a few ideas of digital and physical products. These are things you can learn how to make for free with Youtube videos or blog posts, the perks of the internet!

Let me know in the comments if you have more ideas and good luck with your projects!

Thank you so much for reading it, and I’ll see you in my next post.

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