How to Stop Living Beyond your Means

It’s quite tempting to live with things we can’t afford. We see it all the time in social media, people sell a lifestyle, and we want it. We want the same cars, houses, holidays, etc. Most of us can’t afford it (and it’s normal) so, they get loans and spend the rest of their lives living above their means. On this post, I’ll be sharing with you what you can do to start living below your means and save for what you want without getting into debt.


Setting up a budget is crucial. Set up one that works for you and for your family.

2. Stop getting loans

Start focusing on getting several savings accounts instead of getting loans. This will have a huge impact on your personal finances.

3. Prioritise

Change your priorities. Saving money will get you the things you want without loans, so move to a smaller house, sell your car, cook your own meals, etc. Start changing your lifestyle in order to maximize your savings.

4. Make Changes

After all these steps, acknowledge what you did wrong and what you need to adapt. Don’t see it as a negative thing or a setback, see it as improvements to reach the perfect method for you.

I hope this post was useful, thank you for reading it, and I’ll see you in my next post.

2 thoughts on “How to Stop Living Beyond your Means

  1. I’ve made a switch over the last 13 months. I have a twin brother who I’ve always been a little jealous of and that put me in debt and it’s sad. I was paying over $700 for a truck payment and $2,000 for a one bedroom apartment! I’m embarrassed to say that. I’m going to thumb through and pick up some tips.

  2. Don’t be embarrassed, most of us live in situations like that. Acknowledge it and make the changes we need is what makes us different! Good luck with everything Leslie, thank you so much for your comment 😊

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