15 Ways to Save Money

On this post I’ll be sharing with you 15 things you can start doing that will help you save money.

1.Make a Shopping List

Make sure to only grocery shop with a list, it will help you not to buy what you don’t need.

2.Eat Before Grocery Shopping

If you go grocery shopping with an empty stomach, you’ll most likely buy a lot of snacks and things you don’t need.

3.Make your own Meals

Cooking your own meals will help you save a lot of money, and you can make healthier meals which are also amazing for your body.

4.Make Your Own Bread

Bread is something that most of us eat several times a day. Making it yourself will help you save a lot of money. You can make several at a time and freeze the dough.

5.Buy Clothes on Sale

Only buy clothes on sale, you’ll be able to get more for less.

6.Buy in Bulk and Freeze

Buy fruit and veggies and freeze them. This is great for smoothies and soup!

7.Buy Detergents on Sale

When the detergents are on sale, you can get several and have a little stash at home.

8.Have a Budget

Make sure to write down your budget. Being aware of how much you can spend on every category will help you increase your savings. 

9.Be Organised

This tip goes along with the previous one. Being organised with your finances will help you increase your savings and your ability to saving money. There’s a downloadable planner that includes a budget spread, a shopping list, an expense tracker, a bill tracker, a debt tracker, and a meal planner. I’ll leave the link to it down below if you’re interested.

Money Planner (A4)

Money Planner (A5)

10.Turn Off the Light

Turn off the lights when you’re not in the room.

11.Meal Plan

Meal planning will help you buy only what you need, and it will also help you to control the costs of each meal.

12.Take your lunch with you

Prepare your snacks and lunch at home and take them with you to work. 

13.Sell your clothes

Sell the clothes you no longer wear and put that money towards savings or debt payments, for example.

14.Make your own Cleaning Supplies

Make your own cleaning products at home, this will help you save money and the environment.

15.Workout at Home

Working out at home instead of going to the gym will help you save thousands!

So, these are all the tips I have for you. Thank you so much for reading it, and I’ll see you in my next post.

2 thoughts on “15 Ways to Save Money

  1. I noticed that if I plan what I am going to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner the night before I will have less tendency to eat out at a restaurant because I will anticipate what I am going to eat and it is usually just as good if not better than a restaurant. I put this in my budget book along with my no spend days and no restaurant days. Like budgeting this helps me save money plus it is all in one place and I won’t lose it.

    A good cleaning product is vinegar and water. It is used to clean floors, counters, hair and clothes. I read that vinegar kills 90% of the germs so it is like bleach but obviously not as effective and not as damaging. People don’t seem to worry about how salad dressing vinegar will effect their kids and pets.

    Other good cleaning products are baking soda, lemon juice and salt.

  2. I’m the same, I always need to plan ahead or I know I’ll be wasting money eating out! Thank you for the cleaning tips, I have tried them and I really love to use baking soda to clean but vinegar isn’t my favourite, I can’t stand the smell of it haha! But I use it as a softener for my laundry and it doesn’t leave a harsh scent at all! Thank you for you comment, lovely 😊

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